Teach Yourself Spanish

Have you been struggling to learn and understand Spanish? Have you tried countless methods, phrase books with no results? If you are one of those still struggling after many years to understand your friends,family members and co-workers, after having studied so many materials. Then, Teach Yourself Spanish is the right tool for you.

Teach Yourself Spanish has everything you need to learn the structure of the language in a very easy and natural way. The idea behind Teach Yourself Spanish is not for you to learn phrases and words. NO. Teach Yourself Spanish goes beyond that and take you a whole new level of learning Spanish.Teach Yourself Spanish Front Cover

If you just want to learn phrases or new vocabularies in Spanish, this is definitely NOT the right book for you. This book is intended for serious mind people who want to learn and speak Spanish quasi as a native Spanish speaker.

Teach Yourself Spanish is Acomplete Spanish course with Audio. That will take you gradually from learning how to read and write from the very first lesson, to the point of speaking basic Spanish after the first two lessons.

With Teach Yourself Spanish you will learn how to recognize the patterns and structures of the Spanish language,thus being able to break any sentences as you wish, understanding each element and then recreating your own way of speaking Spanish.

No more headaches, no more hassles with books that claimto be the perfect tool, yet you are still struggling to learn. Teach Yourself Spanish is a comprehensive method, combining grammar,vocabularies and conversations to bring out of you the most unexpected result.

Once you recognize and learn the structure of the grammar, you will build your own personal style, reconstruct and speak as if you were speaking English. Teach Yourself Spanish is about learning the language and building your own Spanish world.

Many methods and books teach you how to learn phrases and words, thus giving you a hard time to understand how to build your own phrases. Learning everything by memory, as if you were a robot. It does not work that way. At least not with adults. That is why I am providing you with the perfect tool for you to learn and understand in your own language how to learn Spanish. It is no longer a matter of learning words and phrases. This is the real deal of learning and understanding Spanish. Once you understand and comprehend the structure, you are ready to speak at any level.

After many years of teaching Spanish, thus watching the improvement in my student’s skills in Spanish in a very short time, I have decided that it is time to share this incredible tool with others around theworld. Speak Spanish today in a very short time. Teach Yourself Spanish must be used hand in hand withthe MP3 FREE AUDIO. This is your perfect companion in this journey. The audio is available for paperback and Kindle version as well. Just make sure look for the BONUS PAGE for instructions on how to the download the MP3 Audio files.

I assure you that you will be speaking Spanish even after you finish the second lesson. No need to wait until you finish the complete course, you will be surprised how quickly you can speak Spanish with Teach Yourself Spanish. Amazon link.

Good luck in your studies.